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​So many kids (and some adults, too!) are having anxiety, trouble sleeping, thoughts they don't understand, and feeling like they don't belong. 

We believe that many of these kids are In-Tune kids, empaths, healers, mediums, Psychic Kids. 

At Psychic Kids United Inc., our goal is to give you the resources to help you to understand and develop your gifts,​ and to find the community of like-minded friends you have been seeking.


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Highly Qualified Educators

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why  our educators have achieved over 70 years collectively of work and practice as Psychic Mediums. Our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their seminars and lessons.



Whether you're looking for insight into your gifts, spiritual training, or connectivity to like minded souls, we can help. Liz and Margarett have created a monthly membership private group. Psychic Kids United Academy", where you will be able to access weekly lessons and so much more,  through our “Psychic Kids United Academy". 

This is a private members group for all intuitive kids and their parents, who want to learn how to own, control and develop their unique power and gifts from two of Canada's very highly sought after Psychic Mediums, co-founders Liz Throp and Margarett Sample. 

And, for a limited time, you can join as a Founding Member of our Club, at a special introductory price and with extra bonuses!

Welcome to Psychic Kids United Inc.

PSYCHIC KIDS UNITED Inc. is committed to supporting, empowering and educating kids and their "grown ups" in understanding, exploring and developing their intuitive gifts. 

We are passionate about raising the vibration of our planet.​ Psychic Kids United Inc. will offer support to Psychic Kids and their "Grown Ups" through online support, courses, coaching, learning opportunities, events and more! We are building a membership to offer community and a safe space to grow, learn and connect!

Video for Psychics

The basic profile of a Psychic, is someone who knows things that are not obvious to everyone else.

Video for Mediums

The basic profile of a medium is, someone who senses, sees, and / or hears, and can connect with Spirit energy.

Video for Empaths

The basic profile of an Empath, is someone who is sensitive, and is in fact often viewed as too sensitive by self or others, to circumstances, events, conversations, etc.

Video for Healers

The basic profile of a healer, is that you are someone who wants to help others to feel better. Whether that is emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually, you want to help.

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Margarett Sample Teacher

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Margarett Sample Teacher

Margarett Sample Teacher

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Is your child a Psychic kid?  A Medium?  An Empath?  A Healer?  If you're unsure about what type of educational service or lessons will work best for you, just tell us a little more about your needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the answers you need! We are here to provide advice and insight for your child, however our advice & lessons do not substitute for any medical or psychological advice given by professionals. respectfully you should always refer to any doctor's advice concerning your child first and foremost. Psychic Kids United Inc can not be held  liable for any changes to your child's behaviour, as our policy is to always have a parent or guardian present for children 18yrs or younger.

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