LESSON 1 - Self Care For Sensitive Souls

We all need help some time and at Psychic Kids United we wanted to offer all of you a quick video to help you take care of yourself. As  sensitive souls we need to be aware of and proactive with our energy input and output. In this video we will discuss everything to help you stay healthy and grounded.

LESSON 2 - Protection and Grounding Part 1

Building on the first lesson, Self Care for Sensitive Souls, this 3 part lesson teaches you 3 quick and easy techniques to protect your energy, and gives you a wonderful way to ground your energy.  

Part 1 details how protection and grounding are helpful in our day to day lives, and shares a fun technique everyone can use.

Lesson 3 - Protection and Grounding Part 2

In Part 2 of this lesson you will  learn two more techniques to help you protect your energy. 

Lesson 4 - Protection and Grounding Part 3

In Part  3 of this lesson you will learn all about grounding techniques. 

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