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Margarett, also known to many of her younger​ friends as "Mar-Mar", has been working with Spirit, Energy and Light for many years. ​While Margarett had some experiences with Spirit as a child, she brushed them off as "coincidence" or "an over active imagination". She has always collected stones and rocks, experienced vivid dreams, been fascinated by what we call "Universal Studies" topics, and read extensively about them from a very young age. In university she took courses on Ancient Religions and Christianity, and in the 80s studied Tarot and Goddess Spirituality while building her career as an actor and playwright in Toronto. In the 90s she studied Shamanism and Astrology in the Peterborough area, and after moving to Dundas, became a Reiki Master in both the Usui and Tibetan traditions, as well as a Light Body (Orin & Daben) graduate. She has continued to learn from many teachers, including a traditional Shaman in Peru in 2014; most recently completing extensive courses in Quantum Meditation and Channeling, and in Past Life Regression in Sedona. 

​Margarett is a Psychic Medium who has been a featured guest on The Paranormal Show numerous times. She offers Readings, Channeling and Platform or Stage Mediumship, and Past Life Regression through her business Spirited Insight. She offers Spirited Healing Energy appointments, and as a Certified Life Coach also offers Spirited Energy Life Coaching Sessions, both of which help people to heal themselves on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), through both in-person and distance sessions.

​Her love of working with stones has led her to creating her Spirited Vibration Bracelets and other items (such as her Sweet Dreams Sachets and Chakra Support Sachets) which help bring the healing vibrations of the crystals and gemstones to everyone. 

Margarett was a finalist winner of the 2019 Holistic Health Practitioner Halo Award,  the Psychic Halo Award, and the Spiritual Artisan Halo Award.  Margarett was a finalist in the 2018 Hamilton Spectator's Readers Choice Award for Best Psychic, and their 2018 and 2019 top 10 Life Coach Readers Choice Award .  She is a 2019 Finalist in Holistic Practitioner and Life Coach Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice Awards.  She has also received  2019 Readers Choice Awards recognition  for top Psychic and Life Coach from the Welland Tribune, Niagara Falls Review, and St Catharine's Standard.

Psychic Kids United won the Spiritual Writer/Composer Halo Award, and the Green Halo Award, and was a finalist winner in the Spiritual Liason Halo Award.

​Margarett has an extensive background working with kids of all ages, as she has taught drama, creative writing and creative arts in schools and through workshops since the 80s, as well as facilitating many courses, workshops and meditation circles for adults. She lives with her partner Brent, and has two sons, one stepson, and one daughter who lives in spirit.

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