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Liz Throp was born and raised in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada, where she lived until she discovered that, due to her parents heritage, she was able to obtain dual citizenship with the United Kingdom. Liz felt from a young age that she was different from others and often felt like she didn't fit in. She describes it as, "I always had friends but never felt part of any group". She experienced a lot of self- doubt and frustration, and was often overwhelmed by her sensitivities. One of her major challenges as a child was suffering from night terrors - she would sleep with the lights or TV on just to drown out the noises and energies she would hear through the night. This lasted until her late teens, when she left Canada on a journey of self-discovery. Travelling through Europe and the UK for six years, Liz learned about different religions and spiritualism, and truly began to understand her psychic abilities. She learned through time and experience how to control her gifts, and to really “tune in” to people’s vibrations, and began doing psychic medium readings. 

Liz returned home to Canada in 1994, settled down into motherhood and began her quest to find the right career. She worked in many positions, Farm hand, Horse Breeder, Inventory clerk, Bar tender, Private Investigator, Ops Supervisor for an Armored Car company (yep she carried a gun) Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Sales Manager to name a few. But she never felt like she was "making a difference" doing those jobs. The one thing that remained consistent was helping others through her psychic work. So in 2011 Liz chose to devote herself to being a full time psychic and has never looked back. Liz is now a recognized Psychic Medium with clients around the world.

Liz has been featured on Canadian television on "The Paranormal Show" numerous times as an expert and has also been showcased regularly on a local radio morning show Country 89FM since 2015. 

Liz studied Reiki and Akashic Records with Jennifer Longmore, has been in Heidi Sawyer's Master Class for Sensitives for over 3 years, and recently became a Certified Life Coach. 

The birth of Psychic Kids United is a major part of Liz's soul's plan. She knew that this was something that was missing for exceptional kids and their parents, as many have been coming to her as clients seeking assistance, and she has had much joy helping them to get a handle on their super powers. 

Liz resides in St.Catharines ON with her husband Andrew, she has a daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Brandon and two amazing grandchildren, Peyton and Warren, to whom she is known as "Amma".

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